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Virtual schooling… Distance learning… Online education… No matter what we call it, there is a growing national trend in public school districts to provide an online alternative to the brick and mortar classroom for PreK through 12th Grade students. Why? Because now more than ever, parents and students are seeking academic alternatives, and there are more and more solutions from which they can choose.

By offering virtual school options to families, innovative public school districts seek to:

  • Provide a complete set of academic options to students and families.
  • Provide students a high-level of educational flexibility, enabling them to work in a self-paced, individualized, and engaging environment.
  • Prepare students to be college- and career-ready in a global society.
  • Allow faculty to provide ground-breaking instruction through new tools and techniques.
  • Keep students who are seeking alternatives from leaving their district.

The Jasper County Virtual Academy seeks to provide these options to students and parents who are looking for an alternative to traditional education.